How to wire a relay for a light bar | Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss how to wire a relay for a light bar with an in-depth step-by-step guide. Follow the instructions properly to achieve the best performance with light bars.

LED light bars are an integral part of our vehicles especially when we’ve to do a lot of night traveling. Where a good and reliable light bar can help us to navigate properly in dark areas, it can save us from facing midnight headlight issues. So, going with a high-end light bar should be your choice!

In setting up the light bars, one common part is the wiring of the relay, if we are using it in our circuit. Installing a relay isn’t a difficult process if you know how to connect its pins at the right spots.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can wire a relay for light bars and if briefly explain the process of wiring the light bar without using any relay.

So, stick to the article, and you’ll get the answer to all of your questions. Without further due, let’s get started!

Wiring a relay for light bars

In order to wire a relay for the LED light bar, you’ll need a battery, a switch, and of course a relay. After arranging all these components, follow the below mentioned step-by-step guide.

  1. First of all, connect the outlet or pin number 30 on your relay to the positive terminal of the battery.
  2. After properly connecting the positive terminal, connect the pin number 85 on the relay to the negative terminal of the battery. Now, the relay is perfectly connected with the battery.
  3. The next step would be to connect pin number 86 of the relay to the switch controlling the whole circuit. The other end of this wire from the switch is connected to the ignition switch (accessories wire).
  4. Afterward, simply connect pin 87 to the positive terminal of the LED bar light and its negative or black wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

After making these connections, carefully check that the pins are connected at their correct position and the relay connection with the battery terminals is also correct. Then, turning on the switch will lighten up your light bar.

And you will observe that the light will turn on and by turning off the switch, we can switch off the light.

But, what if you don’t have a relay and you want to wire the light bar, can you do that? Yes, you can do so using a splicer.

Let’s find out how we can wire light bars without relay!

How to wire light bar without relay

For wiring the fog lights without using the relay, we will need some wire splicers as mentioned earlier. In order to wire the light bars without relay, we’ll have to follow the below circuit configuration.

Just like the other case, we’ll need a power source, a switch, and an LED light bar. However, instead of a relay, the splicers will be used.

Now, follow the below mentioned steps to accurately wire the LED light bar without relay.

  1. First of all connect the 12V battery source with the fuse, which’ll handle the undesired surge in current, and then to the switch.
  2. Ground the other end of the switch.
  3. After that, connect one end of the light bar with each other with the help of wire splicers and ground their other end of the light bars.
  4. After that, connect the common end of light bars to the third end of a switch with the help of splicers.

Do give a brief check of the circuit configuration if everything is connected properly. Turn on the switch and you are ready to go! This is how we wire the light bars without using the relay.

How to wire 5 pin relay for light bar

In case, you’ve bought a 5 pin relay instead of 4 one, then you can wire your light bar with it by following nearly the same process.

On the 5 pin relay, you’ll see connections labeled as 87,87A,86,85, and 30. In order to connect it with the light bar, follow and implement the below circuit diagram:

  1. Firstly, connect the positive terminal of the battery through the fuse to pin 30 of the relay.
  2. Take an ignition switch and connect it to pin 86 of the relay.
  3. After doing that, connect pin 87 to one light network and the other pin 87A to other light networks that you want to connect to the relay.
  4. Afterward, connect the negative ends of both light networks to the ground.
  5. Lastly, connect the positive end of other switches to the pin 85 of the relay by grounding its negative end. Remember, we’ll use this switch to turn on or off the supply from both lights while with the help of an ignition switch, we can switch the supply of power to any of the two light networks.

This is how you can wire the 5 pin relay with light bars.


Are light bars worth it?

As light bears are capable of providing effective lighting for up to double the lateral distance which makes them suitable for driving vehicles. By increasing the field of illumination, the light bars would prove effective in your night hours driving.

What is the brightest led light bar on the market?

Vision X XIL-PX9010 can be considered as one of the brightest led light bars that you can get in the market. With its weatherproof nature, aluminum housing, polycarbonate lenses, perfect thermal management, integrated dimming circuitry, and being 90% optically pure, you want a better option than this one.

Final Thoughts!

This is how you can wire a LED light bars with and without a relay. In the latter case, you’ll need splicers if you don’t want to go with the relay. Still, the connecting process is nearly similar. Keeping a relay would further secure your led light bars and in my opinion, it would be better to use a relay in wiring your light bars for safe night travels!

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