Power out in one room breaker not tripped | Why and How to solve it

In this article, we’ll discuss different reasons why power went out in one room but breaker isn’t tripped?

If the power went out only in one room, then the first thing you should do is to check the circuit breaker of that particular room. If you see the circuit breaker tripped then tries resetting it once and check if power comes back on or not.

Even after resetting, breaker trips again then some serious fault is there either in your sockets or within some appliance you’ve connected in that room. So, in that case, a thorough inspection is needed.

But before, everything else, try pulling out all appliances that you could and observe if that had made any difference or not. Normally, three issues that cause this continuous tripping include the short circuit, overload, and ground faults.

But, if your power went out in one room but the breaker is not tripped and you are sure about it. Then what could be the possible cause?

Well, there could be many other issues that are causing the partial power outage limited to a single room only. Guess what, they are pretty difficult to diagnose especially if you’re just getting started!

There could be a fault in your room wiring. Might be, some overload socket that isn’t tripping the breaker but affecting the power flow inside the room. It’s also possible that a faulty connection in any other room is blocking the power inside the room.

Thus, there could be many other reasons!

However, one most common issue that causes a single room power outage is a fault in a GFI outlet of the room. But, if you’ve never heard about it, then let’s first discuss what this GFI outlet is.

“GFCI” commonly known as “GFI” outlets are normally installed in our rooms to monitor the electric current flow in the wires of the rooms. It has a built-in internal switch that cuts the flow of the electric current of the room when it senses any ground fault in the room.

So, there might be a chance that the GFI outlet has cut off the current flow inside your room to tackle the ground fault by keeping the circuit breaker alive.

Thanks to the GFI outlet that manages such faults, you are having electricity in your other part of the house. But, how we’ll diagnose it?

Well, these faults are not easy to track, and doing the inspection on your own might not be as fruitful as you expect. So, hiring a professional to thoroughly inspect the whole room would be the best decision you could make!

Power keeps going out in one room

But wait what if the power keeps going out in one room and then coming back again and then the process repeats?

Let’s discuss that briefly!

Sometimes, we face the issue of power failure only in one room, or it goes out and comes back repeatedly. In this case, the circuit breaker of that particular room is tripped or it might be tripping again and again. The possible reason could be some faulty electrical device causing a short circuit or overload in that particular room.

If this happens, immediately remove all appliances and then turn on the breaker of that particular room. Try to figure out the faulty appliance or get them checked by a professional to avoid serious harm in the future.

Reset circuit breaker still no power?

But, if the breaker was tripped and after resetting it you aren’t having power then, there could be many other issues that you should be aware of!

Let’s discuss a few reasons that become the reason for power outage in one room even the breaker is not tripped:

  1. There is a possibility that u have a faulty and outdated circuit breaker. It may look tripped or turned on but actually, it is neither tripped nor turned on. In other words, it’s not a functioning problem and its abnormal behavior is what is bothering you.
  2. If that condition occurs then the first suggestion would be to tightly use your index finger. Keep it in place at the end of the breaker before setting it back off and then again turn it on. Even then if it doesn’t work, simply hire an electrician.
  3. There might be broken wires that are supplying the electric current. Identify those wires on your own might be time-consuming so consult some good electrician to fix them.
  4. Arcing could be the third reason. What is it? Well, with the passage of time, electrical wiring installed in our homes becomes loose. Without knowing, we can have too many loose connections. This is known as “arcing”.

“Arcing” becomes the reason for the heat. This high temperature can melt down the wire connections.  Check out for those areas and replace the defective connections and wires immediately.

Final Thoughts!

So, in this guide, we’ve discussed the possible causes of a power outage in one room. How a breaker can cause this problem and why we lose power in the room without tripping the breaker. Later on, we’ve discussed how the breaker itself can be faulty. Also, you would find a brief overview of how a GFCI would be contributing to the overall power outage.

So, you must keep in your mind, it’s not the breaker that is always the culprit. However, getting help from a professional on regular basis would be a sane decision. Do some inspection yourself but avoid playing with wires and circuits which you don’t have knowledge about!

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