Power went out in whole house for no reason | Explained

In this article, we’ll go into the detail of causes and solutions which can cause power to went out in the whole house without any reason. At the end of the article, everything would be clear to you.

Sometimes, we have to face the problem of power failure in our homes and offices. That sometimes stops whatever we’re doing regardless of how important it is. Our daily life is so dependent on electricity and if goes out for no reason, we feel like everything is gone.

So what to do in this type of situation? We will discuss different reasons for power failure in this article. We will also discuss the best possible way to deal with each type of situation.

First of all, obviously, we will try to figure out what has caused this power failure. Well, there can be multiple reasons and different solutions and responses are required by us to deal with them.

If the power went out in the whole house for no reason, then it can be because of one of the below-mentioned issues:

  1. Tripping of circuit breaker or fuse.
  2. Fault in the power line.
  3. Bad weather conditions.
  4. Animals and birds.
  5. Vehicle Accident.

Before we move on to discuss each of the above-mentioned reason briefly, do note that apart from the first issue mentioned above, nearly all others would cause the electricity shutdown not only in your home but surround homes as well.

So, if it’s only your home that is out of electricity, it might be due to circuit breaker tripping and you should directly call a technician for inspection, diagnosis, and early solution.

Now, let’s discuss the above issues and best response to each type of issue separately:

Issues due to which power went out in the whole house for no reason

Fives basic cause of power failure in whole house are explained below:

1. Tripping of circuit breaker or fuse

The most common reason for the failure of electricity is the tripping of circuit breakers or fuse in our homes or offices. When we have to deal with that kind of situation, then we should figure out which appliance is causing the overload and we should quickly remove that particular appliance.

Then, if we are sure about the cause of breaker tripping then we can turn on the circuit breaker. But, if you aren’t sure about it, then hiring a professional would be a better thing to do.

Breaker tripping causes power loss in whole house

2. Fault in the power line

There can be a fault in our power lines as well due to which electricity goes out sometimes. When this happens then call power supply company technician first and request them to perform the inspection. If everything is clear from their side, then something wrong is in your home. In that case, hire professional electricians who can inspect the wiring throughout your home to diagnose the real problem.    

Power line fault causes power loss in whole house

3. Bad weather condition

Sometimes bad weather conditions also become the reason for electricity failure. Three main sources of power failure due to bad weather include the heavy lightning, high speed and high amount of snow covering the electricity poles. Let’s briefly see, how these things affect the power supply.

But, if any of the above-mentioned reasons are the cause of the power supply cut off then it’ll most probably shut down electricity in the nearby houses as well. So, you won’t have to worry much about them as your local power supply company would handle that on its own.

Still, let’s discuss them one by one:

3.1 Lightning Storms:

Sometimes, lightning storms can hit electric poles directly. Energy dissipation becomes difficult and overloading causes the failure in electrical instruments mounted on the poles which ultimately result in the shutdown of electricity. When such an event occurs, it is quickly resolved by the power supply company representatives in the nearby area.

Lightening on electricity poles

3.2 Speed Winds:

Due to the high-speed winds, many big branches of trees fell apart and can directly crash into the wires. This results in a power failure. If this happens only with the connections around your home, then immediately consult an electricity supplying company that will safely remove the branch of trees and will repair the damaged wires. Don’t ever try to remove it yourself as there is a risk of getting a shock with high voltage wires.

Winds destroying electricity poles

3.3 Snow and Ice:

Similarly, snow and ice can also demolish the power distribution lines. In that case, the best thing would be to hire professionals who’ll carefully remove the pile of snow without damaging the supply line and other surrounding components. Do let them about the exact situation so they may come with the right equipment.

Electricity pole covered in pole

4. Animals Attack

Sometimes, animals also become the reason for power failure. Especially, when the squirrels come in contact with the specific components of the electrical system on poles. When this happens, abnormal current starts flowing in the pole wires. That causes either burning of wires or a complete shutdown in the supply of electric current.

To avoid this situation, regional electrical utility companies should install guards and barriers around sensitive equipment. It makes them secure from squirrels and other birds also. If your supply line doesn’t have that, hire a professional to do that.

Squirrel disrupting pole connections causing power loss

5. Accident:

A car may hit a utility pole after losing its control causing the breaking of wires of poles. So, first check, if some accident had occurred in the nearby area. It might have cut off the power supply in your nearby houses too. If that’s the case, immediately contact the electrical regional utility company or some government officials to deal with the situation.

Car Accident in Electricity Pole


Which appliance uses the most electricity at home?

Although it depends on the time span of the operated device but generally speaking, water heater and washer/dryer are one of the main appliances that consume most electricity at home.

What appliances use the most electricity when turned off?

Ans: Two main appliances that consume a ton of electricity, even when turned off, are the STB or cable box and routers/modems.

Do appliances use electricity when plugged in but turned off?

If any of your appliances are turned off but still plugged in the switch then it’s most likely to consume some electricity. It is actually used by the idle electronics of those appliances and generally known as “standby” electricity loss. You can avoid it by turning off the switch where that appliance is plugged in, every time you turn off the appliance.

Final Thoughts!

So, here are a few main reasons that would have been the cause behind your power went out in the whole house for no reason. As mentioned earlier, the nearby houses would also lose power if there is a fault in a power line, it’s due to bad weather, some animal or bird has done something wrong with the circuit or an accident result in pulling off the power cables from the poles. In this case, the electrical supply company would go the maintenance on its own. However, if only your house has lost power, then do contact a professional electrician to get your problem solved.

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